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Will Covid-19 Make Luxury Road Travel Cheaper than Flying?

Will Covid-19 Make Luxury Road Travel Cheaper than Flying?

While using Edmonton limo services over long distances may not always be practical, there is a good chance that it will end up being notably cheaper than flying over shorter distances, especially for the short- and medium term.

Let’s face it: The coronavirus – and how we react to it – is likely to be around for a while. While there are several promising vaccine trials, it is likely to take another year or more before it is available to everyone.

So – what happens between now and then?

Well, as airlines and coach operators try to take additional steps to allay public fears, their profit margins will shrink, necessitating higher fees.

In sharp contrast to that, providers of luxury rides – and even limousine services – won’t need to change their rates at all.

Let’s compare taking a flight with taking a luxury ride:

1. First and foremost, airlines will need to provide for social distancing. The easiest way to achieve this is to leave some seats open. That reduces revenue, while the aircraft’s running expenses remain the same.

As a result, airlines are likely to increase their fees to remain profitable.

There are also some designs floating around which illustrate possible changes in seating setups, with every second seat facing backwards, with wrapping screens to prevent possible contamination.

However, the cost of installing those on existing airplanes will have to be recuperated again – from the customer.

2. In addition to that, more regular, and more thorough cleaning will be required – which will cost the airline more than they are used to paying for keeping their aircraft clean.

The additional costs of cleaning materials, equipment and wages spent on keeping you safe will be passed on – to you, the traveller.  

On top of that, some aircraft will need to spend more time on the ground, which is time that could have been used to generate revenue. Guess who will pay for that loss?

3. In order to minimize the risk of infected person boarding the plane, a number of steps are likely to be taken. These could include walk-through disinfection booths (before boarding), supplying customers with sanitizer and masks, and doing temperature checks.

Again, the money for that will have to come from somewhere – and it won’t be coming from their profit.

4. The additional costs are likely to lead to even fewer people flying.

As a result, airlines will be obliged to raise their fees on some routes to remain profitable.

5. Finally, in their quest to reduce “points of contact”, snacks and drinks will likely not be served on shorter flights. Chances are you will be given a bottle of water before you board, and that will be it.

It means that, even though you’re likely to be paying quite a bit more for your plane ticket, the service is likely to be of a lesser standard.

In fact, it is likely that additional precautions will be taken to reduce person to person contact throughout the whole boarding process. Besides making it impersonal, it is likely to make it more difficult to ask questions or complain.

The only upside to all of this is the fact that airport lines are likely to be shorter, and that it will be quicker to collect your luggage.

On the downside, however, taking a cab to the airport can still be an unnerving experience, since (a) you have no idea how long ago it was last cleaned, and (b) you have no idea who rode in it since then.

The bottom line is this: You will pay more for air travel without feeling any safer – or feeling safe at all.

Note: The same issues that affect the air travel industry are also likely to affect medium- and long distance buses/coaches. This will affect both economy class and luxury coaches, because both rely on passenger numbers to remain profitable. As a result, bus-/coach travel is likely to become more expensive (and cumbersome) as well.

If, however, you book a ride with a limo service provider like Luxri:

If you decide to book a luxury ride for your medium distance trip (say, a booking from Edmonton to Calgary), just about the whole experience will be the exact opposite to taking a flight:

1. In a luxury vehicle, it’s just you (and your companion, if applicable) and the driver. As such, there is a lot less person to person contact (no cumbersome process like boarding a plane).

In addition to that, the driver doesn’t come into contact with hundreds of people every day like an airport employee or cabin crew member. As a result, your indirect exposure to covid-19 is a tiny fraction of what it would be at an airport.

2. The luxury vehicle is cleaned after every single trip. This measure was standard practice in the luxury travel industry long before the pandemic hit us. The only thing that has changed is that the exposed surfaces are now disinfected between trips as well.

Since a clean vehicle is part of Luxri’s service standards, there are no additional costs for this.

3. You will be picked up at the (and dropped off at an) address of your choosing – so there is no need to take a cab in which you may feel unsafe, or actually be exposed to contaminated surfaces.

4. Unlike the plane scenario where you cannot have a snack or a drink, your Luxri driver will gladly  make a stop along the way if you want to get something to eat. Non-alcoholic drinks of your choice are provided as part of the service.

5. There is no check-in process (or a line to collect luggage after the trip) when you take a luxury ride – so your exposure to strangers and staff is limited to the driver of the vehicle, who wears a mask, and sanitizes his or her hands frequently.

Compare that to the number of people you are likely to encounter at an airport.

6. To top it all off, you will be transported in a spacious, luxurious, comfortable and quiet vehicle (without any inconsiderate or obnoxious passengers). It’s a stark contrast to the surroundings you would expect on an aircraft.

Considering all of this…

Apart from long distance (which makes road travel impractical) flights, it is likely to become increasingly impractical and expensive to fly.

In stark contrast, limo services and luxury road travel providers like Luxri Rides will continue to provide the same standard of service at the same rates as before.

The only difference is that – for quite some time to come at least – it is likely to be substantially cheaper as well.

Do you need to book a luxury ride from Edmonton to Calgary (or anywhere in the surrounding area)? Call us on +1 (780) 995-0786 today.

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