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The Future of Safe Travel is Exclusive

For the foreseeable future, safe travel is likely to be a luxury. As such, it is likely to be somewhat more expensive, and thus exclusive.

Consider the following:

The Future of Safe Travel is Exclusive

1. Airlines, bus services, and even cab services are grinding to a halt. Covid-19 has hit home – brutally hard.

2. Most of the people who were willing to provide transport to the masses are now in self-isolation.

Let’s look at the facts…

In order to avoid – as far as possible – being infected with Covid-19, people are taking very specific steps:

1. People are trying to avoid crowds as much as possible. After all, the bigger the crowd, the bigger the risk, right?

2. People try to avoid touching any surfaces or items that may have been touched by an exposed person.

3. People try to avoid touching items or surfaces used or touched by many other people.

4. Just in case, people keep disinfecting – or where possible washing – their hands.

5. Even though it is ineffective in terms of keeping the virus at bay, many people still wear masks. The irony is that the mask does offer some protection, but not for the wearer. It offers protection to others against potential infection by the wearer.

When you look at all of these, combined…

Then it is clear that the safest possible mode of paid travel is making use of exclusive transport.

Think logically:

If you use a limo service like say, Luxri Rides, you are able to avoid the masses. You can not only avoid the crowds (because you are driven door to door), but you can also avoid touching surfaces that has been exposed to many people between cleanings.

Unlike a taxi service, which thrives on a high passenger turnover, limo service providers are more concerned about the quality of the services they provide – hence the fact that it comes at a premium.

Because of the higher income per client/trip, luxury drive providers can afford to spend the time on taking the necessary steps to try to keep you safe.

Here’s a message from Luxri CEO, Shakil Omar:

shakil omar, Luxri,owner, founder
Shakil Omar, Luxri CEO

At Luxri Rides we do our best to keep our passengers safe. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk, it can be drastically reduced by implementing a few basic measures:

1. The driver of the vehicle wears a mask – for YOUR protection. No need to worry about particles that flood the air in the car if he or she should happen to cough.

Note: We don’t allow (or condone) ill drivers to continue working. But people do cough for various other reasons too (something irritating/stuck in the throat, acid reflux, etc.) – and the driver’s mask is there to contain that. 

2. Luxri is not a mass transport company. We cater to discerned individuals – meaning we transport way fewer people. That means that the surfaces inside the vehicle are touched by relatively few people, and cleaned between users.

3. The driver will – if you require it – provide you with hand sanitizer before you step into the vehicle. He or she will also sanitize their own hands before they load your luggage.

4. Once you exit the vehicle, all surfaces that may have been touched are cleaned with sanitizer.

Note: If you wish to maximize the distance between yourself and the driver, you can opt for the third row of seats in one of our big luxury SUV’s. That translates into more than 2M (close to seven feet) of distance between you and the driver.

In conclusion:

In order to travel safely, it follows logically that the transport provider has to do more than that which is possible (or financially viable) for a normal taxi – or Uber – driver. Not only in terms of cleaning, but also in terms of the time it takes to do so.

That brings us right back to the original point: If you want to travel safely, you can do so – at a premium.

On the plus side, the fact that you make use of exclusive transport means that it also comes with a host of other benefits.

Note: It is possible to travel – in luxury – between Edmonton and Calgary at both rates and times comparable to taking a flight, but without all the hassle.

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