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Edmonton limo – to Calgary – Special Offer. Door to Door Luxury Transportation

Would you believe that you could travel from Edmonton (in a limo) to Calgary – faster and less expensive overall using ground transportation, than by plane?

Through this special offer you can now enjoy substantial savings. Up to two passengers in Luxury for less than the cost of one person by plane and taxi.

Imagine being picked up at the location of your choice, transported in luxury, and dropped off at the location of your choice. This by a professional driver whose first concerns are your comfort and safety.

And less chance of covid exposure than airline travel

Imagine not having to take a cab to the airport. 

Not having to wait in line.  

No dealing with security.

Baggage claim not necessary. 

Not having to take another cab to your destination.

Imagine not having to pay three times to make one trip. Just one simple to make payment fills your need from door to door.

Imagine having more personal space – and comfort – while en route, being able to take extra luggage and packages if you choose with no additional fee.

Luxri Rides has upmarket luxury SUV limos running from Edmonton to Calgary and back.

For only $347 CAD one way or $497 (same day) return, for up to two passengers. Offer valid until 6 July 2020.

Note: Prices exclude 5% GST. Normal fee is $397 one way or $697 return.

Would it make sense to you to travel in comfort? Quite possibly faster than air travel (and cabs, waiting in lines), for less than the cost of air travel and cab fares?

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