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Edmonton to Calgary – Limo Beats Plane

Edmonton to Calgary – Car Beats Plane

As a discerning traveller traveling from Edmonton to Calgary should you travel by plane or by limo? Let’s say that, as a business executive, you prefer to travel business class (by air) or in a luxury vehicle (not necessarily a limousine) by road.

Which would make the most sense to you?

If you combine all of the factors below, there is a clear winner…

Travel Time:

When you consider all of the actual time it takes to get to the airport, check in, and wait for the plane to taxi to the runway, there is very little difference in time between taking a flight and being driven by road.

When you take into account all of the possible delays when taking a plane, and the lack thereof when traveling by road, the picture changes dramatically.

 The actual cost of everything surrounding the trip:

You may think that – when it comes to flying – the only cost you need to care about is the cost of the ticket. Unfortunately, there are some more expenses – some clear, some hidden, and some potential unforeseen costs.

As a business traveller on his or her way from Edmonton to Calgary – or back – you have to make it to the airport. You may choose to take a taxi, or you may prefer having one of your employees drive you. If one of your employees drive you, you may want to calculate the monetary value of that trip – including both the running cost of the vehicle, the value of the time it could have been used productively, and the time cost of the employee driving you.

On top of that, consider the value of your time – time spent getting to the airport usually an hour and a half early, the time spent on clearing security, and boarding the plane.

Of course, we don’t even begin to do the math around the cost of getting stuck in traffic (missing your flight), runway delays, and cancelled or overbooked flights. Any of these can very quickly escalate the costs.

In comparison, if you choose to travel by road – albeit in a luxury vehicle – you will be picked up at a location of your choice, and delivered to a location of your choice. What you are quoted is what it actually costs you from A to B. 

 The risk of wasting time you could have spent productively:

When traveling between Edmonton and Calgary by plane, the short (flight) distance does not reduce or eliminate any of the risks for delays, runway delays, and cancelled flights.

How much does your company stand to lose if you are not available when you need to be (due to unforeseen delays)? There may be projects or tasks requiring your presence to commence or continue. There may be meetings – which are supposed to lead to actions – which may need to be rescheduled, at the cost of not only the time and travel costs of those present, but also of any delays resulting from the rescheduling.

Your ability to work during travel:

Most of the airlines operating between Edmonton and Calgary don’t offer WIFI on board. And those who do, only do so for a portion of the flight – limiting you to less than half an hour online while you fly. Making phone calls is not an option. 

Of course, while you stand in line to board you can hardly be productive.

If you choose to travel in a luxury vehicle, however, you can access the internet via your own data from departure to arrival, and you are free to use your phone as you please.

There is no need for your team to be slowed down because you are unavailable – because you can be quite productive while traveling – as long as you don’t have to drive yourself. That means that you may be able to improve the productivity of your team simply by switching your mode of travel.

Convenience while travelling:

Traveling in a bigger, luxurious SUV limo allows for more personal space. In addition to that, it also allows for more luggage space. Not to mention that, if you come home with more than the allotted weight limit, any airline is going to make you pay extra to bring it onto the plane.

Then there is the matter of your luggage being close to you. You know exactly where it is at all times, so there is no chance of it getting lost or being stolen at the collection point.

In fact, you have access to your luggage at any time during your trip.

It goes without saying that while there are always limitations, traveling by car allows for much more leniency in terms of what you can have on your person.

In conclusion:

When you combine the value of the first four factors, it immediately makes sense why more and more companies are using road travel to transport their people between Edmonton and Calgary. Fair enough, the funds allocated to each trip differ according to job title/expense account – and/or the value of any specific person’s time to the company – but even executives increasingly choose to travel by road rather than to fly.

It all boils down to the value of time – and not only your own time, but also the value of other people’s time – people  whose profits and productivity may be affected by your choice of transport.

Do you ever travel between Edmonton and Calgary for business purposes?

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