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Luxri is continuously expanding both its number of owner/operators, and the number of countries in which we offer services. The way we work is our clients are able to choose their drivers/vehicles when making a booking. Our model specializes in longer trips. The goal is to deliver passengers in less overall time, and in more comfort than short trip airline travel. Our offer is one call does it all. All deliveries are door to door.

We would love to have you drive for us if you are passionate about driving and taking care of your customers.  With us you are free to drive for anyone you choose including yourself. We will even help you market your own business if you choose.


Do you own a vehicle that can be described as a luxury vehicle, regardless of its age?

Condition does matter though. All motor vehicles must have working heat, Air conditioning, and a radio. These are to enhance your customers comfort. 

Does that vehicle pass any and all tests required by your local authorities?

Is that vehicle fully insured?


Do you consider yourself a responsible person and driver?

Are you – legally – able to transport passengers, according to your local laws? Driving record and criminal background checks must be passed.

Are you willing to follow the (online) training that we offer, and conform to out standards of friendly professionalism?

If you have answered “yes” to all of the above, please give us a call on +1 (780) 995-0786 or 00+1 (402) 239-5402

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