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About us

shakil omar, Luxri,owner, founderLuxri Rides is the brainchild of Shakil Omar, an entrepreneur originally from Kenya. His home of choice since 1975 is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Everything he touches earns for himself and others. He does this by always providing something of great value people want or need. Without a doubt he has been highly successful at every venture with which he has been or is involved in.

He finds that, while there are several on-demand car & driver services, the need for a 1st Class Luxury Ride for those with discerning tastes, who enjoy Door to Door service, with his level of service is lacking. 

Luxri Rides Inc is aimed at filling that need, making luxury travel simpler and more affordable – while at the same time creating opportunities for owners of luxurious vehicles.

He has created a system which makes it simpler for the traveler, less expensive, more comfortable, and competes with the time you would spend in taxis, airports, & on a plane.

What he has put together is a simple seamless system to provide luxury rides in safety and comfort between Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where a plane ride takes longer and costs more.

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