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A Simple way to Avoid the Corona Virus While Travelling

It may not be possible in all circumstances, but travelling in a luxury car (rented or a limo with driver) is a simple, logical way to reduce your exposure to the Corona virus.

What you may want to consider:

A simple way to avoid the Corona virus when travelling

Firstly, consider how the virus spreads – which includes not only airborne particles and personal contact, but also touching surfaces that have been touched by infected persons.

You can read more about how it spreads here:

As such, it follows logically that places with many people, and surfaces not regularly cleaned will pose a substantial risk.

The bigger picture of Corona virus exposure:

When you visit any sizeable airport, it is usually a frenzy of activity. There are many, many people at any given time. Depending on where the airport is situated, many of those people may be arriving from other countries. How many people pass through a busy airport per day?

In addition to that, due to the sheer size of most airports, it is impossible to clean the seats, counter tops and restrooms frequently enough to keep them safe (for you). How many people use those every day?

Inside the plane the Corona virus threat becomes even worse:

Inside the aircraft, you still have a number of people (who could be from anywhere), but now it is in an enclosed area. In addition to that, due to short turnaround times, it is physically impossible to clean (disinfect) every area that has been touched by human hands or limbs.

In fact, when you get onto a plane, you have no idea how dirty your seat may be. And yo may think that your clothes will protect you from the seat – and they may. But how many items do you touch during a flight?

Something else you may want to consider:

The cabin crew is exposed to high volumes of people every day. If one of them had contracted the Corona virus – without showing symptoms yet – everything he or she touches becomes a health hazard, including your coffee cup.

But if you choose to travel by SUV limo…

Being driven (or driving yourself) in a luxury vehicle will reduce the risk substantially. Fair enough, it isn’t practical over very long distances, but for flights that only cover a few hundred miles it is a sensible alternative (besides being similar in terms of cost and time).

Allow me to explain:

In sharp contrast to taking a plane – or even a bus – your limo arrives on your doorstep. There is little need for exposure to more people than those around you. In addition to that, the driver of that vehicle is exposed to very few people every day – because he transports fewer people.

In addition to that, due to the perceived higher price bracket, fewer people make use of luxury cars for medium distance travel. As such, fewer people touch the insides of the vehicle you travel in – which exponentially reduces your risk of exposure to the Corona virus (and whatever other nasty bugs are out there at any given time).

Of course, those vehicles are cleaned more regularly – and more thoroughly – as well. After all, they are used to transport discerning passengers who expect the best in return for what they paid.

Now you may think that taking a taxi may be a viable alternative too – but think logically: One passenger gets out, and another gets in, all day long. You have no idea who touched any surface inside the car – and what the driver has been exposed to – due to the sheer number of passengers.

In conclusion:

If you want to reduce the risk of becoming infected, it’s a numbers game. Look at how it can be transmitted, and you will see it comes down to being around fewer people – especially people you don’t know.

Taking a luxury SUV limo ride can help you to do just that.

Luxri drivers are chosen, in part, by the way they present their vehicles. All have accolades (furnished by their riders) for cleanliness. While no promises can be made that you are 100 percent safe from any exposure, every effort is made, though to keep your exposure to an absolute minimum.  

Note: It is possible to travel – in luxury – between Edmonton and Calgary at both rates and times comparable to taking a flight, but without all the hassle.

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