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7 Reasons for SUV Limo Travel Between Edmonton and Calgary

7 Reasons for Luxury Car Travel Between Edmonton and Calgary

Why do people choose to be driven in limos or luxury cars to travel between Edmonton and Calgary? Well…

On the one hand, more and more companies are switching to road travel between the two cities – not only because of the costs, but because there is no real time advantage to flying as opposed to travelling by car or by bus.

However, business people, executives and entrepreneurs look at things very differently from employees. In their circles, the requirements extend to much more than just the cost. In fact, while it may still be a consideration for most of them, it’s probably the last one on the list.

Here are 9 reasons why people choose luxury car travel to and from Edmonton and Calgary:

1. They arrive at their destination less tired:

Taking a flight, with everything it entails, can be a draining experience. Business executives want to be at their best when they walk into any meeting or presentation. Not being at their best can result in lost deals, missed opportunities, and/or very costly mistakes being made.

2. Door to door road travel doesn’t destroy your focus:

Taking a plane requires your involvement. You have to take a cab, stand in lines to board, go and collect your luggage afterwards, and take another taxi to reach your destination.

On the other hand, if you are being transported door to door, all you have to do is to get in. The rest of the time is yours, and you can focus on the task at hand – be it a budget meeting, a marketing proposal, or a company takeover.

3. The ambience lends itself to creative thinking:

Instead of the constant movement (and the odd turbulence) around you when taking a plane, being driven in a luxury vehicle is a more quiet and relaxing experience. As such, the ambience allows you to apply your mind to some creative problem-solving, or working on a speech or presentation.

4. Constant connectivity while travelling:

Unlike taking a flight, where everything that has to be done (and devices switched off during take-off), you can have internet access (granted, you may have to use your own data) and make/take calls from pickup to arrival. That means that you can still communicate and/or manage while being on the road.

5. More space at your disposal:

When being driven in a limo, you usually have more space at your disposal. That includes not only personal space and shoulder room, but also luggage space.

That not only makes it more comfortable while you travel, but it also means you don’t have to limit yourself when packing whatever you need to take along.

6. No in-depth security checks:      

Fair enough, air travel requires that passengers refrain from bringing specific items on board. And airport security does a good job of trying to find out if you do. While being driven, however, nobody is going to check every single item in your luggage, or make you undress because your medical implants keep triggering the metal detectors.

7. More predictable time frames for arrival:

When talking a plane, you never know whether it will be delayed on the runway, delayed due to weather problems elsewhere, or whether it will be cancelled at the last minute. Any of these can cause you to miss a meeting of critical importance, which then has a knock-on effect on other things that had to happen after the meeting, and your subsequent obligatory re-scheduling.

When being driven in a luxury SUV limo – whether it be to/from Edmonton or Calgary, or anywhere else, there is much less chance of being delayed during your trip. In fact, the worst likely hold-up is likely to be driving through traffic – and that would happen anyway if you were taking a cab to the airport.

In conclusion:

When it comes to the modes of travel for executives, consultants and entrepreneurs, the set of requirements are different from those of “average people”. They value their time and their ability to be productive, and they value their mindset and focus.

Being in a back seat of a comfortable, luxurious vehicle, driven from door to door, results in a whole different experience – and when it translates into the results obtained at your destination, the costs (even though comparable to flying) may seem insignificant.

Note: It is possible to travel – in luxury – between Edmonton and Calgary at both rates and times comparable to taking a flight, but without all the hassle.

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