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7 Reasons for Business Travel to Edmonton

7 Reasons for Business Travel to Edmonton

There are many valid reasons for business travel to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. Most of those reasons, however, revolve around a few basic factors that translate into many other opportunities.

Here are a few factors that make Edmonton a popular business destination:

1. It is known as “the oil capital”

Since the 1940’s, Edmonton has been known as “the oil capital of Canada”. After more than three quarters of a century, it still is.  

The Alberta province has massive reserves of oil, gas, and also oil sands – the largest in the world.

While there are numerous supply- and service industry sectors, the local oil industry has also seen its share of innovation. Continuous research explores ways to add value to the extracted reserves through additional processing. 

2. A substantial economy

Edmonton’s economy is the second largest in the province – as one would expect from its size. However, it is the fifth largest economy in the whole country, which puts it in a whole different perspective.

Noteworthy facts about the local economy:

  • The world’s second largest industrial park is located in Edmonton.
  • The largest medical marijuana grower in the world is expanding its Edmonton operations by a million square feet.
  • Amazon is putting up a ware house of a million square feet.
  • The commuter rail system between downtown and the south side is being expanded – and it’s a multi-billion dollar project. 

3. The “Gateway to the North”

Edmonton is a staging point for not only the northern large-scale oil sands projects, but also for large-scale diamond mining in the Northwest Territories. As such, it became known as “the gateway to the north”.

In 2014 the value of projects relating to oil, oil sands, gas and their pipelines were already in the region of $35 billion.

4. Logistical importance

Besides being dubbed as the gateway to the north, Edmonton is also home to CN Rail’s North American operational facility. In addition to that, a major inter-modal facility takes care of all of the incoming sea freight from British Columbia (Port of Prince Rupert).

In addition to that, construction has just started on an oil pipeline between Alberta and British Columbia.

5. Edmonton has been the birthplace of great businesses

While several international companies have their origins in Edmonton, many national companies also originated there. These include retail stores like AutoCanada, Boston Pizza, Pizza 73, several liquor chains, Empire Design and Shaw Communications – to name but a few.

6. Massive retail market

Besides the fact that Edmonton is the second largest city in the Alberta province, it is also home to several impressive shopping malls. These include the West Edmonton Mall, which is considered to be the largest shopping mall in the whole of North America – and the 10th largest shopping mall in the world.

The mere presence of these malls indicates substantial buying power in the local economy, which warrants exploration for new opportunities.

7. Networking opportunities for business people

Besides being home to many fine restaurants, Edmonton also boasts a number of golf courses. It’s no secret that many deals are made on the golf course – and that it represents a great opportunity to network.

When one considers the scale of business operations in the city and the surrounding region, it makes sense to consider business travel to Edmonton for networking. As an added bonus, the city’s latitude translates into long summer days, allowing for extended playing hours.

In conclusion:

On the one hand, Edmonton is known as “the oil capital”. On the other hand, the economic activity resulting from the oil industry has allowed many other types of businesses to flourish – some of them to the point of becoming noted international companies.

Regardless of your industry, the sheer scale of the city’s economy – and current growth – warrants exploration for new opportunities. That in itself is enough reason for entrepreneurs and CEO’s to travel to Edmonton.

Note: It is possible to travel – in a luxurious SUV limo – between Edmonton and Calgary at both rates and times comparable to taking a flight, but without all the hassle.

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