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5 Reasons to Book an SUV Limo Ride into the Mountains

5 Reasons to Book a Luxury Ride into the Mountains

Booking an SUV limo ride to visit a national park in the mountains may not seem logical to everyone – not at first glance anyway. It does, however, come with its own set of benefits – which actually makes it a logical choice.

Those who choose to do so, invariably find that it turns the drive itself into a memorable experience, instead of “just a journey to get there”. A number of factors contribute to transform the journey (to and from your destination) into something more.

Consider the following…

1. The driver can never fully appreciate the view:

To an experienced driver, it may seem as if everything happens on auto-pilot. After all, you have been driving for so many years that you can (almost) “do it with your eyes closed”. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

While all the little things associated with driving may become easier over time, they still demand some of your brain’s focus in order for everything to run smoothly. You have to stay in your lane follow the road, avoid other traffic, maintain following distances, monitor your speed, and watch out for any sudden changes in driving- or road conditions.

The point is that, with a big chunk of your brain devoted to operating the vehicle, it becomes impossible to appreciate the epic views encountered along Canada’s mountain roads.  

Think logically: A great scene requires, for argument’s sake, just five seconds to take it all in. On a twisty mountain road, can you afford to divert your eyes and attention (away from driving) for five consecutive seconds?

Five second may not seem like much, but when you are travelling at highway speed, your vehicle travels quite far in those five seconds. You are welcome to do the math.

On the other hand, if someone else is driving, you will be free to appreciate every scene as it comes and goes. There is no need for you – as the driver – to be the only one without any pleasant memories of the drive to the destination.

2. Being transported in luxury results in a less tiresome journey:

If you choose to travel in an average vehicle, the surroundings simply aren’t as comfortable as they are in a luxury vehicle. In addition to that, doing the driving yourself has its own demands on the body, especially over longer distances (and twisty mountain roads).

The more comfortable and relaxed you are during the journey, the less tired you are likely to be by the time you reach your destination.

3. There is no noise to wear you down over hours of driving:

It’s a scientific fact that noise wears you down. While your ears my try to shift their hearing threshold to adapt, constant noise remains a strain on the system, even if you don’t realize it. While the engines of most modern vehicles are relatively quiet, the same cannot be said for road- and wind noise.

The constant droning eventually turns the journey into one you want to end. It wears you down both mentally and physically.

On the other hand, if you are being transported in a luxurious SUV limo, you will notice the absence of road- and wind noise – and it will contribute to transform the whole journey into an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

4. There is no need to be frustrated or stressed along the way:

Driving for hours in an average vehicle wears you down due to discomfort and constant noise, which eventually causes irritability, and depending on the driving conditions, can cause frustration and lead to stress. This, in turn, can cause the whole journey to become one long unpleasant experience.

With someone else (an experienced, professional driver) behind the wheel, and a notable absence of noise and discomfort, there is no need to become irritated, stressed or frustrated. 

5. Look forward to the trip, and not only to reaching the destination:

When visiting any far off location, the journey there is usually “the hard part”. Going there, and having to drive back is often considered to be ‘the price to pay” to be able to spend time at your destination.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, when you are being transported in luxury, with ample space for yourself and your luggage, the journey itself becomes a pleasant experience. Depending on where you are going – and the route taken – the journey itself can indeed be a most memorable experience.

This is especially true if you plan to visit a holiday resort or a glamping venue in our majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains of say, Alberta – in one of the national parks.

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