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4 Reasons for Business Travel to Calgary

4 Reasons for Business Travel to Calgary

There are several valid reasons for business travel to Calgary, Alberta (Canada). The unique combination of its location, population and economy makes it a popular business destination.

1. It is close to the USA-Canadian border:

Located a mere 240km – or 150 miles – from the USA border, Calgary is the logical place for cross-border business meetings. Not only is its proximity convenient, but the scope and size of its economic activity also makes it worthwhile for business people and corporate executives to travel there.

As such, it is a prime destination for business class air travel from abroad – even though many Edmonton executives and business people choose to travel there by road, especially, in luxury vehicles. 

It also means it’s the most logical delivery destination for cross-border deliveries, which in turn makes it the sensible location for anything relating to cross-border deliveries both ways.

2. It is part of the Edmonton-Calgary corridor:  

The Edmonton-Calgary corridor is a geographical region that spans about 250 miles, or 400km. Besides including (among other smaller places) the two largest cities in Alberta, it also houses more than 70% of the total population of the province of Alberta.

This means that most of the economic activity in the whole province is basically concentrated into two cities and the route running through them.

The relatively short distance between Edmonton and Calgary – roughly 300km or 186 miles – keeps delivery costs between the two cities relatively low, and business vehicles can do round trips in a single day.

3. Calgary is the economic hub of the Alberta province:

With a population of roughly 1.5 million people, Calgary is the biggest hive of economic activity in the whole province. In addition to that, a substantial percentage of businesses specialize in services – including scientific, professional, technical- and construction services.

While oil and gas still remains the biggest single contributor to the gross domestic product of the city, recent years have seen a slow but notable shift towards other types of businesses, opening up opportunities in other sectors. 

With around three quarters of the population participating in the economy, it’s an environment offering plenty of opportunities.

4. Calgary is home to many company head offices:

After Toronto, Calgary is home to the most corporate head offices in all of Canada. Even after some weaker economic times in the not-too-distant past, it remains a popular head office location for many high revenue companies.

These include the Canadian head office for Coca-Cola, breweries, sports suppliers, property groups, oil companies, Xerox, legal services companies, and suppliers of equipment for different industries.

In fact, it not only has the most head offices per capita in Canada, but also the highest average head office revenue per capita in the country. That makes it a logical meeting place not only for company executives from Canada, but also for company visitors from the USA or other countries where these businesses operate.

That in turn translates to opportunities in related and complimentary industries – all of which makes for plenty of reasons for business travel to Calgary.

In conclusion:

Whatever industry you are in, and whatever the scope and size of your operation, Calgary is worth exploring in terms of expansion, joint ventures and new start-ups.

Note: More and more smart people have been doing calculations, and realized that – when it comes to business travel to Calgary (especially from Edmonton) – luxury road travel (SUV limo) is a better option than taking a plane. Besides being less expensive (if you include taxi fares), it is usually quicker as well – and when you value your time…

Time is money, so it just makes sense.

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