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7 Reasons for Business Travel to Edmonton

There are many valid reasons for business travel to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. Most of those reasons, however, revolve around a few basic factors that translate into many other opportunities. Here are a few factors that make Edmonton a popular business destination: 1. It is known as “the oil capital” Since the 1940’s, Edmonton has … Read more

4 Reasons for Business Travel to Calgary

There are several valid reasons for business travel to Calgary, Alberta (Canada). The unique combination of its location, population and economy makes it a popular business destination. 1. It is close to the USA-Canadian border: Located a mere 240km – or 150 miles – from the USA border, Calgary is the logical place for cross-border … Read more

Edmonton to Calgary – Limo Beats Plane

As a discerning traveller traveling from Edmonton to Calgary should you travel by plane or by limo? Let’s say that, as a business executive, you prefer to travel business class (by air) or in a luxury vehicle (not necessarily a limousine) by road. Which would make the most sense to you? If you combine all … Read more

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